Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Douglas Kellner

Prof. Dr. Douglas Kellner, the Distinguished Professor of UCLA (University of California-Los Angeles), is one of the leading academics in the field of communication, who has made a significant contribution to the literature, and who has conducted many researches especially ojn the role and impact of computer, information,and media literacy in the digital world on which the internet technologies have a considerable influence.


Prof. Dr. Guido Franzinetti

Working in the Department of Humanistic Studies at University of Eastern Piedmont, Prof. Dr. Guido Franzinetti is interested in the research topics such as nationalism, electoral behaviour, and ethnic affiliation.

Dr. Teresa de la Hera Conde-Pumpido

As a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at Utrecht University’s Center for the Study of Digital Games and Play, Dr. Teresa de la Hera Conde-Pumpido carries out researches on the persuasive roles of digital games in the media sector.