Paper Instructions for Authors
 – Submission ; Following the title and author of the manuscript, you must provide a 150-to 250-word Turkish and English abstract written in 10 pt. Times New Roman, accompanied by 3 to 5 keywords in Turkish and English.”- Participants whose abstracts are accepted should send the full paper to the e-mail addresses indicated on the “Contact”page by 15 July 2018.

– Full texts of papers including tables, charts, figures and references must not exceed 15 pages.

– Texts must be written single-spaced, using 12pt Times New Roman font in single column.

– Page margins must be 3 centimeters.

– Template of textsmust be A4 sheet size and file extensions must be Microsoft WORD file (.docor .docx) format.

– The author(s)’s name must be written under the title of paper in right alignment using 10pt Times New Roman font. Author(s) title, institution, department and electronic mail adress should be indicated in footnote.

– The main heading (the title of the paper) must be written in 12pt bold face Times New Roman, allupper-case letters and it must not exceed 15 words.

– An abstract or a summary that was written according to above-stated rules must be situated before the introduction.

– Secondary headings must be written left aligned, in lower-case, bold face, with an initialupper-caseletter for first word only. Sub-sections must be enumerated consecutively, using section numbers for each sub-sections (1.1., 1.2., 1.3.,etc.).

– Bibliography must be written in 10pt. There must be 1.5 lines spacing between different sources. Single line spacing must be used if more than one line is necessary for the same source.

– The formatting of references must comply with APA Style (6th edition).Detailed information can be found on:

– A reference formatting example outlined according to APA (6th edition) rules can be accessed at following adress: