Photography Exhibition



The exhibition has the objective of drawing attention through the photographs to the lives, which we could not notice within the pace and rush of our daily routines, maybe although we pass by them all the time. Therefore, we invite all the photographers to share the stories of people with other photographers and photo lovers, by framing them in their photographs from the perspective of witnessing life and time.


How do we see people on the streets (in the public space) of the cities, countries, villages, and towns? The stories of people in various places on the streets… For instance, the zoos, amusement parks, fair grounds, festivals, bazaars, cafes with chairs and tables on the pavements, coffee houses, and open-air shopping malls… And, those we see on muddy roads and pavements in the rain, under hot spell, and under snow; street vendors, street performers or craftsmen; playing kids, and human portraits, either happy or angry, either embittered or impassioned… The animals and people wandering among us on the streets… Our goal should be to reflect the spirit of the streets. This spirit can be reflected through not only the documentary or press photography, but also completely surrealistic or experimental photographs.


Exhibition Theme: The theme of our international photography exhibition to be held within the scope of the Symposium has been determined as “Street and Human”.


Important Dates:

  • Deadline for Application: 14 September 2018
  • Deadline for Jury Evaluation: 17 September 2018
  • Notification of Acceptance: 18 September 2018
  • Deadline for Exhibition Fee Payment: 21-30 September 2018
  • Exhibition Date: 2-3 November 2018
  • Selected photographs will be exhibited throughout the Symposium.



  • The exhibition is open to all amateur and professional photographers.
  • The participants can take part in the exhibition with maximum 2 (two) photographs. These photographs can be coloured or black & white.
  • The photographs should be taken by the participants themselves. It will be considered as an infringement of the rules if the photographs belong totally or partially to others.
  • Photographs should be in .jpeg format, with the frame sizes of 40 cm X 60 cm, and the pixel resolution of 300 dpi.  
  • Deadline for online submission is 11 p.m. on September, 14, 2018.
  • Photographs cannot have any margins or mats. Any identifying information such as name/surname, signature, logo or date cannot be on the photographs.
  • Any photographs displayed/exhibited before will not be taken into consideration.
  • The participation form below should be filled and sent to with the photographs attached before sending the photographs.
  • The photographs must be titled and sent. The title of the photographs should not include the name of the photographer. The title of the photographs should have a 5-letter nickname (by not disclosing the identity of the participant), following a dash and a title given to the photograph. (e.g., for a photograph titled as “Loneliness” by a photographer named “Seda Kara”, the title of the photograph can be renamed as “KarunLoneliness”, in which Karun is a nickname, and Loneliness is the title of the photograph).
  • The selection of the photographs will be made by the academics and photographers.
  • The photograph printing selected for the exhibition will be made by the participants themselves.
  • Selected photographs will be exhibited throughout the Symposium
  • The exhibition committee will not be liable to send the prints back to the photo-owner.
  • The participants with selected photographs will be given a certificate of participation and an e-exhibition catalogue.
  • Copyright of the photographs – as reserved for the copyright owner – is granted to the Symposium Secretariat for displaying with the aim of announcement in non-commercial symposium and cultural activities, on social media and TV.
  • Simple edits such as contrast, framing, and saturation on the photographs can be made. However, the originality of the photography should be kept. The photographs, which has any object added onto or removed from the original, will not be exhibited.
  • By sending the application form, the applicants will be considered in advance to agree on the conditions of this Contract.


Exhibition Application Fee:

  • Exhibition application fee for the photographs approved by the jury: 100 Turkish Liras /25 Dollars /25 Euro

The applicants will receive a notification e-mail about the payment info after the photographs are selected.


Exhibition Organisation Committee and Jury:

  • Exhibition organisation committee and jury:


Prof. Dr. Gülseren Şendur Atabek (Yaşar Üniversitesi)

Prof. Dr. Ali Bayraktaroğlu (Trakya Üniversitesi)

Doç. Dr. Uğur Günay Yavuz  (Akdeniz Üniversitesi)

Doç. Dr. Mehmet Yılmaz (Ordu Üniversitesi)

Doç.Dr. Şebnem Soygüder Baturlar (Akdeniz Üniversitesi)


Delivery Address

Res. Asst. Işıl Demir  –

Telephone Number:  0242 310 15 30- 3110

Address: Akdeniz University, Faculty of Communication, Dumlupınar Blv., 07058 ANTALYA/ TURKEY

e-mail address:


Exhibition Coordinators:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Soygüder Baturlar (Akdeniz University)

Res. Asst. Işıl Demir (Akdeniz University)


Download Participation Form